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    Invest in YourBusiness.

    The Certified Entrepreneur® training program is a fraction of the cost of an MBA so you can invest the $80k you save directly into your own business.

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    Turn Your DreamInto Reality!

    Certified Entrepreneurs put the practical knowledge they learn directly to work in starting their own business.

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    Fast, Effective &Affordable

    The Certified Entrepreneur® program can be completed within 3 months, covers everything you need to know and is less expensive than a semester at most colleges.

Course Work



The Certified Entrepreneur® training program

is self-paced and utilizes a modern learning

management system.  We've implemented a

number of educational methods and devices in

order to maximize your learning and to

help you get certified!


Tuition / Fees



Tuition is the last thing most schools may want to

talk about with students. Because of our modern

best practices approach to education, we've been

able to keep our costs low.


Program Overview


The Certificate of Completion in Entrepreneurship prepares students who are aspiring to start their own business or run a small business. It is imperative that an entrepreneur have a strong understanding of business, human resources, legal and financial decisions prior to starting a company.